I have been training with Shihan Ken Smith at Advanced Martial Systems since October 2010.  Here is the deal, if you are dedicated student of the arts. And you have found yourself getting wrapped in the race to get a belt type system. This is probably not the Dojo you would want to come to.

    However if you are looking for a Dojo that has the experienced Shihan of working with world class martial artists and over 30 years’ experience of in the arts. Training and teaching methods that are comprehendible and obtainable to increase your knowledge and skills.  Then consider taking classes with Shihan Smith.

     There is learning opportunities for all from the level of Uke/Senpai to the Guro. It is a true mixed martial arts system that covers Street survival skills for today’s world and giving you the tools to be prepared. The use of the jet sets to get into shape and incorporates footwork and movement to attain a flow in learning the system. 

    Some examples of the curriculum are JKD, American Sambo, Goju-Ryu Karate, Kali, Jujitsu and FMA. We have worked with everything from empty hand skills to hand tools (MMA James Keating’s Stinger, Datu Kelly Worden’s Travel Wrench) single knife, double knife and single stick to double stick along with the Bo Staff and fighting axe and lastly the use of pepper spray and full metal jacket weapons. 

    Truly I can say Shihan Smith is a master of his craft. He is the real deal and if you are looking to attain a higher level of the arts both in the physical and metaphysical sides. I highly recommend Advanced Martial Systems as a Dojo for you. From the beginner as well as the advanced Martial practitioner there is still plenty to learn.   Hope to see you in class soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Stan J. 5/17


I knew very little about Reiki and skeptical of what it could really do for me.  I scheduled an appointment with Ken and remember bending my knee before the session so I could measure the discomfort level before we started. 
Ken shared a little more about what Reiki is and then discussed more about what to expect during the session (breathing technique etc.. from him).  He suggested that I try to think about certain things during the session to help me on my journey of healing my knee.  It was truly a relaxing and spiritual experience for me. 
Shortly after our session ended, I bent my knee and I wanted to cry.   There was absolutely no pain!  I was completely shocked! 
I am a believer of what Reiki can do for you.  I continue to focus on what Ken suggested during our session and I’ve been doing stairs with literally no discomfort.  I would recommend anyone to see Ken and to experience what I have. Tami V. 6/17

I have suffered from frequent cluster headaches since I was in my 40’s and in the last 2 years I began experiencing moderate pain in my hip joints due to arthritis. I chose to try Reiki Healing because I do not like having to constantly take over-the-counter or prescription pain meds and thought this could be an effective option.

I reached out to Ken Smith who is a Certified Practitioner at Jet City Reiki and Energy Work. He gave me a concise and easily understood explanation of what Reiki is and how the process works and asked for specifics regarding what brought me to him. He reassured me that “we are a team” and it would take both of us working in tandem to attain my goals.

His healing room has a calming and peaceful ambiance and I was very comfortable and relaxed. Ken again explained what he was going to do and instructed me on what I needed to do to help make this successful, which included focusing on my breathing.

After our first session, my headache was gone and I did not experience another one for well over 7 weeks and when I did get one it was significantly diminished by comparison to what they were like before. A recent session has once again eliminated them.

I had to have a large cyst removed from the side of my neck 6 months prior to starting Reiki and had significant numbness from my ear down and across my neck to my throat caused by nerve damage during surgery that had not improved at all. Although I did not include this symptom in my plan, after the 2nd session I realized that I was regaining feeling in all but the lower part of my ear and a small area along my jawline and as of today, the area that is numb continues to gradually diminish.

After the 3rd session, my hip pain stopped and has remained either non-existent or so minor I don’t even notice it.

In addition to the above, I had also asked for emotional healing due to nearly a lifetime of emotional and at times physical and psychological abuse as well as an extraordinary amount of loss of loved ones in the past year and a half. While we did work on this in other sessions, the fourth was focused on completely letting go of the pain and loss of the past and creating a positive and fulfilling future. I am really excited about concentrating on what makes me happy!

Thank you, Ken and Jet City Reiki and Energy Work! I greatly appreciate the progress we’ve made and I’m so glad I chose to take this journey with you!

T.O. 6/27/17




So Ken - something stunning and awesome happened.

I can only think it was your Reiki work. I mean what else? (No coincidence!)


I mean a big old, real time, bonafide miracle of immense proportion happened.

For me it was a big deal. It happened Friday about 3pm.


Since then I have been easing into a new - better condition I guess.

My jaw, face, eyes, hearing - all of it went ker-boom! Blew up! Like the hardest punch ever!

At first I'm scared, even angry, instantly cry, pain beyond belief. Collapse / blackout.

A true WTF phase,  it took hours before improvement came, days before I was sure.

Still ain't done, but wow, better! I am at a loss as to what occurred really.

I dint want to "jump the miracle gun" too soon and call you out of turn. But ya gotta hear about this.

My teachers words came back to me, calming me. Otherwise I was headed for panic, no shit.

It said: You are being healed, go with this, relax and be healed. Do not have fear. I listened and obeyed.

I was trained for such things, but honestly one never gits used to real miracles. So thanx man.


It was brutal as hell, but I am now healed. Never ever experienced anything like this. A gift. A miracle.

This may have healed injuries decades old and the recent one as well. This was on many levels.

Thank you for this, I won't forget. And yes, I can now personally vouch for your workings. I can say "Ken has power" - And know that I am right. No guessing here. I've felt it. You have done well in the realm of healing. True gift that ye have been given.

True gift that ye give others as healing them. I am blown off my psychic feet by this - sitting flat on my astral ass saying "Wow"!


Ok, we phone talk soon anytime and I can offer up some awesome details. JAK,OCT. 1, 2017


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