The Attack by Draw

This is the firth short paper, in the series of six on combat philosophy and methods. I recommend you take this information and build upon it using the previous papers on the Five Methods of Attack as references, as you work through this information and your own material.


In Bruce Lee’s, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) 5 Methods of Attack, the Attack by Draw (ABD), exercises your brain matter. It truly is a thinking man’s method of attack. ABD is a counterattack initiated by luring an opponent into committing to a move. You must induce the opponent to step forward to tempo into the "within distance" area, for instance, by leaving an apparent opening. (1) (2) Attack by Drawing may also make use of the other four Methods of Attack. (2)


In Lee’s book, the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, the method (ABD) draws out the opponent several ways. By forcing the opponent to commit themselves to a decided step, you can be moderately assured of what they are about to do. That commitment deprives them of the ability to change positions and guard swiftly enough to deal with any offensive you may yourself adopt. By their mere action of hitting out, you will or should secure an opening of sorts. You should make them present you with a fair target at which to aim. (2)


Attack by Drawing is Counter Fighting. The object is to lure the opponent into position for a disabling strike. Before a JKD man can even touch an opponent, however, we must first overcome the distance between ourselves and the opponent. This procedure of transition and moving in towards the opponent is called Bridging the Gap. (3)


Normally this is decided within a fraction of a second while determining the opponent’s flight tendencies (Technique Perimeters), adjusting our rhythm and timing accordingly, as a prelude to penetrating their defenses by catching them in an unprepared state of mind. This being the exact instant one is withdrawing a strike, block or contemplating delivery of the same (3)


The ABD is an essential element in our tool kit of combat. Drawing out an opponent isn’t done just physically through movement and creating a perceived target for the opponent to strike. It can also be accomplished by playing unfairly with the opponent’s emotions, by using verbal taunts and the opponent’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance against them to cause them to initiate a physical response.


It’s for you to keep your awareness and balance to attack after drawing his commitment by exposing a target to him, by forcing (closing with or without immobilization, slow or fast) and by feinting an attack that he will try to counter. (3)


As Lee states; the whole secret of hard hitting lies in accurate timing, correct placement and Mental Application. (3)


  2. Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce and Linda Lee, Ohara Publications, 1975

  3. Jeet Kune Do, The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, Know How Publishing, 1980

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