My Earth Crystal Meditation Journey continues… The Connection to Gaia

Back in February 2018, after reading, William Rand’s of the ICRT's, “Spiritual Development in the New Age,” (1), I initiated along with a small group of Reiki practitioners, a Healing Stone exercise described in Rand’s book and in my article; “My Earth Crystal Meditation Journey,” (2).


On page 40 of Rand's book, he describes a process, by which we find or have find us, two crystals for the purpose of the Earth Crystal Meditation.


After bringing the crystals home and preparing them, they were cleansed in water, dried and put in a special place. I found copper wire with which to bind them together to begin their Attunement to each other, myself and the Reiki.


I cleansed the bound crystals with smoke; smudging them with sage, cedar, sweet grass while the  music and Reiki were flowing freely. I put them in a special place outdoors for more cleansing and healthy energy during and after the beautiful gift of the Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse of Jan 2018. I kept them in a special basket of Western White Pine needles made by my mother.

                                        Wrapped Girasol Quartz, Earth Meditation Crystals


Fast forwarding ahead, over the time between February and August 30th of this year, there were many delightful meditations with these stones, bringing their synchronicity together and strengthening our connectedness, as I moved forward with the rest of the process.


I decided in April, after planning a trip with my Dad, to place One of the Two healing stones on Vancouver Island. BC. That island, rich in natural beauty, First Nation history and healing energy felt like the perfect choice. And Fish! Oh my Yes, the fish.

                                          Father and son smiles with our Chinook salmon


Upon arrival to our lodge, the search for the spot “On the Point” was underway. I had scanned all the paperwork, photos and my favorite Maps website. Now it was time for the leg work.


                                                 The “Point” on Vancouver Island, BC


Knowing exactly where I was going to leave the stone and connect to Gaia, “Mother Earth or Mother Nature” was important to me. Gaia, the first Greek god, was actually a goddess, who created herself out of primordial chaos. From her fertile womb all life sprang, and unto Mother Earth all living things must return after their allotted span of life is over. (3)


Connecting to her power and others as I evolve as a healer is important and will be another wonderful asset on my path to help myself and others.

The area is also chock full of animals, birds and more. All their spirits are another reason I chose this location as the opportunity arrived. It really is a powerful place emotionally and spiritually. I’d been to Vancouver Island before and I really enjoy it.

                                      The wildlife of Vancouver Island, BC and its Coastal Waters


A lot of the area surrounding the main lodge, facing the water, is a cliff. So moving down toward the water was out of the question. There were ways to the water, but not near the point. I really wanted the stone to be left in a spot with a pretty grand vista.


Once I found the perfect spot, additional daily meditations took place during my time there in the evenings. I spent time bringing both stones into alignment for where the one was going to stay as I walked all around the lodge and at the place itself.


During the last evening at the lodge, after dinner and everyone had gone in for the evening, I went out for a meditation and for the task of placing the stone where I had chosen.


The view from the soon to be new location is wonderful. Looking out over the water in a northeasterly direction, whether day or night, the view was fantastic.

                                         The Healing Stones new home provided an amazing vista

After my Holy Fire Reiki (4) meditation with music…I determined the exact location and started digging. The ground was rocky and I didn’t need to go that deep. It only took a couple of minutes to do it all.


At the separation of the crystals, I transformed the copper wire that had bound them into the Reiki power symbol CKR. I placed it on top of the crystal while in the ground along with a piece of blue string around the crystal that came from a bag containing some other stones I use while I do Reiki. Those stones, which I brought along, have the Reiki symbols etched into them. I thought it would be nice, so I tied it around the crystal.

I took one small piece of granite with me to keep at home to help the connection and then I covered it all up and identified the area with a couple stacked stones and wood pieces as you see above. This took care of it.


Every small step I took, was a huge part of an infinite plan to connect in every way to the crystals, their location and Mother Earth, making this Earth Crystal Meditation very special and have a profound effect on myself and anyone I can help.


Since getting back home, I have already used the crystal in healing sessions with clients and meditated with it myself. I can close my eyes and see everything again. I can stand anywhere with my crystal and feel the spirit and power it graciously provides. Pictures help with memories and keeping that love close to your heart. I’ll have my favorite photo printed soon and hang it in my Reiki Room at home, enabling me to share its beauty and energy with all who enter there.






  1. Spiritual Development in the New Age, Copyright 1992, William Lee Rand



  4. (What is Holy Fire Reiki)

Thanks to Terry Owen for screening and spell checking for Us again




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