Continuing the Equine Reiki (with Champ)

Working with animals is very rewarding. You get to love, hold an animal and talk with them in a way you cannot with a human client. There are “People Rules” and guidelines when using Reiki that we shouldn’t forget. Reiki is a Love accelerated healing modality, so we always use it appropriately.


When Terry and I arrived at the property, Kim, one of Champ’s owners, was brushing him, caring for his legs and waiting for our arrival. Champ looked great.

As we were told earlier, yes, his mane is actually getting blonder/lighter again. (A youthful sign) The hair on his hindquarters and upper thigh is growing back. The young dog, Hope the young lab, ran in and around Champs legs and the Champ didn’t even budge. Most of the previous nervousness is gone now. Hope is always around, so it’s safe to say that she’d be around the animals too. Champ was walking better and not dragging his rear left hoof. He still is eating and drinking more comfortably which is a bonus. The Reiki was working and we were back to do more.


Champ remembered us. Again, with no hesitation, he allowed us to get close and lay hands on. Previously, we stayed behind a gate to work with Champ and let him be comfortable with us around. Champ again did great. He was looking around for treats because Terry had brought an apple the last time. He knew, somehow, there were carrots this time waiting for his culinary approval. (We had plenty for all the horses there and they all got a treat or two.)


Again, Champ accepted the Reiki very well, giving us all the signs and clues he was enjoying it and relaxing. We decided to move him back into a stall in case he wanted or needed to lie down to keep him safe. He never did, but just let us continue to work. He is a loving horse and could not stop nuzzling Terry and gives what I can describe as “pure equine hugs.”


Terry and I changed positions several times based on what we were feeling and what Champ was telling us. He has pain and discomfort that still affects him and if you’re touching an area that hurts, he lets you know through his movements. He would turn his body and/or back away if he was feeling uncomfortable or when he felt full of Reiki in an area of his body. He is a good, patient client and participates in the healing work. Gotta love that interaction.

Champ is very close to his owners. He usually is looking for them and likes having them around. One of them was always with us as we went about our work. We eventually could tell Champ had enough and felt full of Reiki. We sealed off our efforts and now it was time for some exercise.


Terry got to exercise walk with Champ. It’s a small area and they don’t what him to overdo it.

It was good to see the improvement in his walk gait and he did it comfortably.

Champ and Terry walking it out


From this point we took the remaining carrots to the rest of the herd. Man, did we ever make friends. The horses came out of the woodwork to coin a phrase. Maybe next time I’ll get to ride Rocket…a larger black male horse that has “Ride ME” all over his face. Kim keeps bringing it up…I am ready, too.


Champ was brought down to his regular stall and then put him in the small pasture to get some grass. Nothing was overdone; not too much time or too much grass while Champ was enjoying a job well done.

As you might guess, Champ is quite the guy! Of course, when given the chance, he’ll head off down to the corner of the pasture, eat and stay away (in a playful way) making the owners come to him to walk him back. He’s getting some more needed attention as he recovers from what ails him.


This day was just a bit different in that, as they walked down to bring him back, Champ… as usual trotted off. But then Champ slow cantered up the hill, (Yes, everyone was worried about his legs and such) and like a young pony he jumped, spun, kicked up his rear legs and played to all our enjoyment. He looked so very happy. It was a touching and emotional moment. Goodness, I love what Reiki does.


That’s the quick version and there is one more point I’d like to share.
People have unique abilities and Kim has hers too. She can just flat-out communicate with Champ. This last picture was sent to Terry as a message from Champ.

Terry has a 1966 convertible that hasn’t been driven in very long time and she is finally getting it ready to enjoy this summer. Kim sent the picture above along with the following message to Terry: “This is a picture of Champ after I told him about your car. He agreed to be happy and will feel good about the wind flowing through your hair.”


Goodness, it’s both fulfilling and fun doing this with people and for animals! We all deserve to feel great and have a little breeze in our hair.



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