Equine Reiki, a First for Champ and for Ourselves

Updated 6-28-2018 (With a Follow-on, at end of article)


Brandie and I were invited by Terry to be a trio of Reiki caregivers working together with a horse for the first time. Terry has some close friends who live near her and she shared with us that our client, Champ, a male 21 year old, has been diagnosed with Equine Systemic Proteoglycan Accumulation (ESPA) and borderline Cushing’s disease.

Overall Champ wasn’t feeling good at all.


DSLD/ESPA is a lethal, probably genetic, systemic disease affecting the connective tissue in horses. The disease is similar to the Ehlers–Danlos syndrome humans can suffer from. (1)


Also known as Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction or PPID, Cushing’s disease is a dysfunction of the pituitary gland. It is most common in older horses (18 – 23 years). Since it is sometimes associated with Insulin Resistance, Cushing’s can be confused with another condition called Equine Metabolic Syndrome. (2)


Terry shared this with us, “Because of the swelling caused by ESPA, Champ has some open wounds and is also losing hair in places. She (the owner) said he recently started developing ‘bumps’ all over his body, with no idea what they are from. He is on pain meds, but we do not know if there are any other meds or supplements being given.”


Further, Terry stated that, “The owner appears to be an animal empath. The owner talks about Champ telling her that he understands that he can no longer be a show horse because it causes him pain, that he knows she worries too much about him, and that she can’t handle seeing blood and him not feeling well.”


We didn’t have all that much time to research and prepare, but made every effort to learn all we could in order to help Champ in every possible way. We met on a Thursday afternoon at Terry’s house to go meet Champ and his owners.


Before I left home to meet up, I started Reiki for all of us, myself, the four ladies and Champ. I also put Champs name under the center crystal of my Reiki healing grid and charged it before I left. The intention flowed from the beginning. Terry and Brandie also started laying their own groundwork prior to us meeting.


Once we discussed how we were going to approach Champ, we took the short drive to his home. Coming up that driveway, I had no idea of the layout. When we came around the last corner it all opened up to a very beautiful and functional setting made just for the horses.


We met the owners Kim and Rick, shared hugs and handshakes, talked a bit about Reiki and what they hoped to accomplish with Champ. They are an absolutely great couple that inspire you with their presence. They really exude their love of animals and what they are doing with every step and breath they take.


Champ is a friendly, wonderful good natured horse. He enjoys company, being touched and being loved on by everyone. A former show horse with a record of win after win, he suffered from an ailment when he was quite young and almost died. The vets wanted to put him down but Kim and Rick wouldn’t have it. Rick raced to the horse’s aid, tending to the condition as best he could and bedded the horse for a 5-hour drive to a vet who said he’d work with Champ and do his best to get him through the debilitating disease that was threatening to take his life. Needless to say Champ survived and went on to win many more awards.


First, we did a ‘Gassho’ (3) meditation, inviting Kim and Rick to bring their energy to our circle. We started the session there and then walked short distance to meet Champ who has been watching the whole time. This horse really loves Kim and Rick and they spend a lot of time together for many reasons.


The other horses at the facility were definitely at attention taking in the events and the Reiki. Their snorts and noises acknowledged the energy now flowing throughout.


We stayed at the edge of the stall and shared an apple with him (one of his favorite treats), which he eagerly ate from our hands and began sending Reiki from there as Champ finished eating his snacks.


The Reiki was shared both hands on and from a short distance as Champ chose who he was spending time with, back and forth between the three of us and searching the stall for additional morsels of food.


It is amazing to watch Terry and Brandie work. Terry, my student, a friend of mine, my CPR buddy and a Reiki Level 3 practitioner, a real life angel with wings, whose early work and recognition of her journey by many teachers has set her on a path to some amazing things. Brandie, a Holy Fire II Reiki Master, another friend who was introduced  to me by my Reiki teacher is a listener and can hear the animals as well as feel what their feeling. She is very much tied in to animal spirits and guides allowing her to give some unique insights to people regarding their pets and is very good at what she does.


“Champ’s first photo. His eyes got big, his ears perked up and realized he remembers the camera and the taking of pictures at shows and for winning ribbons. He actually started posing a bit, I think.”

Terry is on the left, Brandie on the right


We worked on Champ, staying relaxed, allowing the energy to flow and always communicating with the owners while we shared our Reiki. Brandie would share how Champ was feeling as we went along. He accepted the healing energy very well, even for a short time looking like a horse that was going to sleep standing up, looking very relaxed himself. After some time, we noticed he would start backing and we knew he had reached his limit on Reiki. We ended the session, sealing it off and whisking away any additional lingering negatives from his aura.


The ladies and Rick went off to see the other horses and layout of the facility. I’d catch up later, but for now it was just Champ and me.

I took a couple more pictures, talked with the big guy, told him how much we wanted him to get better and be able to be ridden again and for him to be healthy and pain free. I held his head, hugged him, kissed his muzzle, told him how amazing he is for what he’s going through now and gave a little personal “Big Ken” Reiki.

Champ and the myself, during our Reiki session


Champ is just an amazing horse. You can tell. You can feel it. You can hear him talk if you listen. He wants to be out there for all the horses, for Kim and Rick too. He is a winner and a leader. Unselfish in his way. Truly, quite the horse.


Their facility in Renton, Washington is absolutely fantastic. Built from their love and compassion, the property was meant for them and has a great covered arena. Rick coaches show horses. He teaches them how to walk, trot show and more. He also helps their owners learn how to work best with their horses. Their animals are well cared for and greatly loved. Nestled into a hidden pocket in the woods, close to the foothills where eagles soar and scream and nature is your back door-what a perfect setting for sharing so much love.


The three of us had an incredible time and I adore my friends even more. Terry and Brandie are amazing healers and women. I enjoyed myself so very much and I hope to see Champ again soon and continue to make a difference in their lives.




Special Thanks to Terry Owen for proof-reading this for Us.



  1. http://matildebrandt.no/blogg/2017/01/dsld-espa/

  2. https://www.smartpakequine.com/content/cushings-disease-horse

  3. https://thereikiguide.com/gassho-meditation/





An Update on Champ…and the others…


Champ’s mane has started to go “blonde”, which Kim feels is a good sign, as this is what this breed of horse’s manes do as they are becoming adults. She told him he is getting younger and he seemed to like that. J 


He is eating and drinking more comfortably.


He has been picking up his back hooves more than he has been dragging them.


Kim said he also accomplished a “slow gait” while out in the pasture that he has not been able to do for some time.


The missing hair on his left side is growing back and the large open sore on his elbow continues to heal.


Hope,  their wonderful dog, continues to be better about not causing Champ stress by being underfoot during their walks, but Kim feels she could use a little “Reiki Bump” to help her stop being so distracted by all the baby rabbits she loves to chase, which causes Champ a bit of duress.

(So it makes sense, as we move forward, to work on Champ health as well and help him emotionally not be spooked or stressed by Hope’s behaviors.)


Little E, a beautiful white horse under their care, has become much closer to Champ since Reiki.





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