The Journey is All Your Own

February 22, 2018

The Journey is All Your Own

Ken Smith,

Advanced Martial Systems-N.W./Jet City Reiki and Wellness


Beginning something new will usually bring out the best and maybe the worst in us all. This article will share with you a personal self-realization that may also help you, as you continue to grow.


When we begin a new journey, activity or hobby we get excited. We read, surf and study. We sign up, go to class or classes, we buy the required necessities and we persevere.

The Best.


Sometimes, it is a group idea to do something. It’s a great idea to be involved with the ones closest to you. To do it all together. To have a study or support group. Many, many activities can include us all. I do recommend this whenever possible.


But what I’ve noticed over the years, while we are looking to do these things for ourselves… it still seems that some of you will not go unless someone does that “Thing” with you. A friend, a coworker, a family member, all have to come along or we just can’t get there ourselves. We are way too inhibited. That thinking is limited.

The Worst.


What I’m asking you to envision, are the many exciting things you can do, when you do the work on your own. When we start out, it’s our idea. We look into things like cost, time, distance for travel, books and websites all on our own. Why then would there be a requirement for somebody to come along? What I’m sharing here is… There isn’t a reason.


We all should get over the insecurity and need of an additional person(s) to be with us, as we go forward, with our new goals and opportunities. We need to be secure in our decision(s) that to accomplish anything, we can do it alone and are willing to do just that.


I am not saying, that help from any source is not required or valuable…because it is required and valuable. It really is important to learn how to for ask and accept assistance.

And that help is available through the resources available of what you are trying to do and achieve. Ask the teacher, guide, leader and participants, gain knowledge, and build a bond.


Being shared here is a concept gleaned from many opportunities that would not have ever happened had I not drove, flew, walked and more on my own.


Countless events in sports, coaching, martial arts, spirituality and healing would have never happened for me, had I waited for someone to come along.


When applying this conceptual line of thought, it is important to remember that the like-minded thinkers, the players and the doers will be there too.

So many, really special things happen, when you get out and take control of your wants, needs and activities. You personally grow. You’re becoming outgoing, studious, eager and unstoppable.


In conclusion, I hope you’ve read something here that strikes an accord with your Heart-Brain connection. Listen to your hearts music and the lyrics below…


They’re all there when we get there. We’re really never alone, ya see? So glad to see you. Just get out and be who You want to be.


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