My Earth Crystal Meditation Journey…

February 22, 2018

My Earth Crystal Meditation Journey…

Ken Smith, Usui Reiki/Holy Fire II Master


I first found this meditation in an early published book by William Rand of the ICRT, “Spiritual Development in the New Age.” (1)

It is an exercise in Reiki Meditation bringing together the Earth Energy and the Reiki Energy in an effort to strengthen our healing of self and others.


On page 40, we are described a process, by which we find or have two crystals find Us for the purpose.

I gravitated towards two clear Girasol Quartz Crystals that kept bringing me back for a lot of reasons. Beauty, size and their calling just gets Us there, right?

Girasol Quartz (also called girasol opal) is a very ancient mineral found in Madagascar and has powerful energies. This stone can help you feel calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic.


Girasol can also amplify your ability to be creative, thoughtful and focused in your life.

Girasol Quartz brings a sense of balance to the emotions that can increase control over impulsive behavior. This ability to be in control of your feelings empowers you to clearly think things through and just say no to hasty choices we sometimes regret later.

Metaphysically, girasol is a stone of gentle but powerful energy that can enhance and clarify feelings (especially those connected to love and passion), and allows the bearer to look deep within themselves for true feelings. Girasol is an excellent mineral tool for visualization, dream paths, and guided direction of energy (such as Reiki). Girasol metaphysically enhances communication and will help the user to speak thoughts that otherwise might be difficult to express. It enhances creativity in artists and business people, and it is a powerful healing stone that firmly yet gently enhances healing of spiritual, emotional and physical wounds. Girasol’s unique capability allows it to connect to a user’s energy, cleanse it and circulate it so that self-healing becomes possible and the user is less dependent on outside energy stimulation. Girasol supports specific healing processes for diabetes, immune system imbalances, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Girasol is not recommended for crystal layouts, but rather it is recommended that the stone be held by the user to establish the energy connection. This stone is commonly used by healers prior to a healing session to encourage energy flow and healing in clients who are particularly blocked. It is also used effectively in distance healing techniques such as those applied by Reiki practitioners. (1)(2)


I brought the stones home and prepared them. They were cleansed in water, dried and put in a special place. I found copper wire with which to bind them together to begin their Attunement to each other, myself and the Reiki.


I again cleansed the stones with smoke. I smudged them with sage, cedar and sweet grass. Music and Reiki flowing freely. Afterwards, again placing them in a special place.


Next, the stones were placed outdoors for more cleansing and healthy energy. I placed them in the ground several hours before, during and after the beautiful gift of the Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse of Jan 2018.


Out of the ground and ready, the binding process of bringing the two crystals together begins using the copper wire. Finding the way they best fit together (a bit like pieces of a puzzle) and beginning the Reiki, I bound them together as shown below.


Next, begins the regular intervals of Reiki, charging the crystals and continuing the attunement to each other and myself. Rand recommends meditating with the crystals anywhere from 10 -30 minutes a day, for a week, to several months is good. It’s now early in the New Year and I will be working till the end of the summer with these crystals.


Should you also choose to create this powerful meditation and energy attunement yourself, really special things should now occur for you. The Reiki, the planning, the meditation, energy building and finally the Placing of the Stone. Rand states in his book (1), that a special outdoor location from your backyard to anywhere on earth will do. We should to make sure it stays safe wherever we choose to place it.


Spirit has shared where that location will be for me already. We should keep that close to our hearts and/or with those closest to you.

A meditation at the location is done, including separating the stones, placing the one chosen to stay and attuning that crystal to its new location, the four of Us together, the crystals, the Reiki and myself.

Per Rand’s direction, I will be speaking directly to the Sun, Wind, Water, the Crystal and All Living Things for their assistance in the attunement, asking that they bring their energies to the crystal, so it will become one with the Sacred Place. (1)


I will keep the remaining crystal with me, meditating with it regularly, to attune with the earth, with Reiki and embrace earth energy to strengthen my own health and others.


A powerful meditation, if done well, will attune you to Gaia the Earth Mother. A valued lesson to be sure.



  1. Spiritual Development in the New Age, Copyright 1992, William Lee Rand

   2.    /girasol-quartz/





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