April 25, 2017

Bowie Immersion Training


Just back from the 3-day Bowie Knifefighting Seminar, with MAA James A. Keating at his school in Milton-Freewater, Oregon.


The seminar started with a quick look into the history of the Maestro’s background, teachers and where his Master Plays came from. Biddle, Steyers and Selberg were regularly referenced.


Friday, the basics of the Bowie were taught. Emphasis was placed on the importance of Movement and Timing followed directly by the COMTECH Bowie, Offensive, Defensive and Back Cut flows. At this point, we worked ranging with the length of the blade.

The Elements of the Thrust were introduced as well as the Concepts of: 1. Moving the Weapon first when attacking and 2. Moving the Body first, when being attacked.


Instruction to Close Quarters Bowie work followed by a great Safety note... the reminder to slow students down in this learning. This allows us to interact with our partner on a more personal level, improve our targeting and eliminate incorrect learning.


The program consisted of plays of Timing, Ranging, Cutting, Slashing, Thrusting and more.


Footwork was covered in detail, essentially creating opportunity to move in all directions, evade the weapon and create bridging into the opponents guard.


Friday evening included the opportunity to initiate Conversation with an opponent.
Masked up, gloved and parrying dagger ready we fought, learned, shared and sweat our way to a better understanding.


The classics were throughout for our information to study and gain additional insight.


The remainder of the weekend was also Full of information on Bowie use for defense including but not limited too:
Disarms, Power Passing, Glancing, Defensive Stars,2-knife sets, baiting the Opponents, Stroking Methods of the Blade, and Escalara for Close in Work with the blade.


More than enough information is shared as it is a COMTECH Instructors Program.


I recommend you go to:



And then look for yourself.

What everyone else is teaching is little blade use, with a big knife. Not Correct.


Come see me or go see Master Keating for some information and training



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