The Energy Resource of Music for Healing

December 14, 2017

The Energy Resource of Music for Healing.


I will say it. I enjoy Music! And the quiet after…but still…

We use it every day. We listen, we feel and we react.  

When using music in Energy Healing, Be guided, be Yourself.

People are always attracted to who YOU are. Remember that.


What can and will happen by using specific music in your treatment plans and during your sessions whilst working with a client?

Researchers have pondered the possible therapeutic and mood boosting benefits of music for centuries. (1)


It’s actually a lot. Music excites and calms. Even Sad music brings calmness to a person. Conversely, studies find also that for some people, sad music can cause negative feelings of profound grief. (1)  So, watch your client…


By using music that will talk to your heart, it sets the mood and strengthens your intentions.

Using music that will talk to the client’s heart and soul doesn’t stop or inhibit the energy, it brings them out of a shell and they become a more active participant in their own healing. Our intention is always there and we feel, read and intuit through their choices also.


I like to listen to music to set my mood and intention early before someone arrives, to bring about a more resonate Love that increases my ability to channel the healing energies I receive and share. I work to achieve a “High Energy Calmness” full of gratitude, confidence, desire and caring love for the Universe, my client, family and Holy Spirit.


When applying the conceptual ideas of music playing a greater role, prior to their arrival, you may ask them to listen to music that would bring their mind to their intention of healing, emotional hurt or their desires of manifestation. Music that evokes emotion about their problem, injury, relationships or desire. Ask that the music helps lets their guard down in ways that allow them to be 100% ready and open to the energy they’ll be receiving. Music that brings about deep openness to all and ignites the hidden warrior and healer inside.


Choosing music to listen to during the treatment, always pick what you feel is best based on your understanding of the problem(s). Try to have a good variety and have your Go-To Disks ready. They are just that for a reason. Spirit will guide you and the client.

Try using the music specifically from others you are personal with and Love. Someone you are willing to support and encourage to share their work with those who need it and those who would appreciate it.

A personal connection to your music and that wonderful person who felt so deeply to create it only adds increased energy due to the Love Factor. Love is the most powerful energy we know.
It conquers, resolves and empowers so much.

I encourage all of you with that gift, do some more wonderful work and share that beauty of your music with everyone. Think about how much more good we could do by opening up to all the Love in the World.


I hope it also has inspired you to think on it some more and to grow in your music ideals and applications as a healer.

In closing, I hope this short article has inspired, created ideas or caused you to go look for more music to share, grow and heal with. Music to bump your levels up and to knock people off their proverbial feet or put them firmly back in their shoes.



Ken Smith

Jet City Reiki and Wellness
Advanced Martial Systems-N.W.





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