About: Advanced Martial Systems-Northwest

Advanced Martial Systems-Northwest is the first name I gave the program and it's stuck.
A consolidation of my work of almost 30 years, here with the Northwest's Best Martial Arts Instructors, along with training with some of the world's best martial arts instructors and specialists along the way.

AMS-NW, is truly a JKD platform art. Along with my JKD background it is very heavily influenced by my friends and instructors here in the Northwest... Worden, Keating, Jaques, Coder... NSI, COMTECH, Jeet Kune Do/Kali, American Sambo and Goju-Ryu Karate, of which I hold Instructors Rank in each of these progressive and traditional arts.

I've had the opportunity to assist in teaching LEO's in Wa State, Joint Base Lewis-McCord Army Rangers and Striker Brigade Team Members and Cadre'. Those opportunities are a Honor and were pleasure to assist with and I always want safe returns to the finest of Men and Women anywhere for All that they do.



In 2019 I was presented with the award/rank of Master at Arms by:
James A. Keating of COMTECH from Milton-Freewater, Oregon.


AMS-NW started in 1989 at a small YMCA where I took Goju-Ryu Karate in part with what was called then the Eastside Karate Association, founded by Kregg Jorgenson, Martial Artist, Author, Veteran and Friend.


During this time, I was introduced to  various forms of weapons training, ground fighting and new instructors from a plethora of styles and systems.

After receiving my Shodan in Goju-Ryu, (1994) and looking for training closer to home in the Filipino Arts, I found the JKD/Kali school near my home.

7 years later I was recognized as Full Instructor in Chinese boxing and Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and not just any JKD Instructor was now unleashed.

I started doing seminars right after I received my Blackbelt in 1994. My first was for a dear friend, whom I met though work due to travel.
That seminar introduced Ground Fighting/Jujitsu to the Central Basin of Washington State.
Since then I have taught several more on a variety of subjects in the PNW and have been invited to teach at Kelly Worden's, Water and Steel-Warrior Retreat and MAA James Keating's, World Renown, Riddle of Steel and headlined for the Washington Research Council of Martial Arts conferences.
I have also introduced the "Force on Force" seminar series. Subjects include but are not limited to: Pepper Spray, Defensive Knife, Defensive Baton, Empty Hand, Ground Fighting and a Women's Self Defense Program.
           Energy Healing
I have been working with energy now for about 10 years but nothing had been formal until this year. I am a Usui Reiki Ryoho/Holy Fire II Master Practitioner/Teacher and I work very hard at this gift from Heaven and I'm continuing my education in an effort to bring more Alternative Health Care to those that may need an option and additional choices.
Reiki has shown to achieve results both physically and emotionally and is continuing to work its way into mainstream healthcare as a recognized treatment.


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